Thoughts from an…….artist’s wife??

The idea of adding a blog to the website seemed like a good way to personalize things.  Give a little insight into the what, why, and how the sculptures came to be, and a way of getting to know Dan a little better.  It seemed like a good idea.

The only problem is Dan would much rather have a welding torch in his hand than a pen or pencil.  Unless, of course, the pencil is for sketching and not writing.  Hence–he came up with the idea of “Thoughts from an artist’s wife“.  It was a slick way out of it, I’ll give him that.  But then I admit, I am his biggest fan!

So we hope you’ll check in with us once a week, or so–to find out what is new on the welding bench.  The words on the page may be mine but the thoughts and feelings come from both of us.  That is part of the fun in this whole journey, working together to see what we can create.


Thoughts From an Artist’s Wife

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Pablo Picasso


I love that our two­year­old grandson knows what Grandpa’s “culpechuhs” are and can point them out all around the house and yard. To our three ­year ­old, they are “sciptures”. They know what they are even before they can really pronounce it :) . I love that all of our grandkids not only recognize art but take it very seriously and enjoy making their own creations, whether it’s sculpture, painting, pottery, or whatever. We consider them all “emerging artists” and we try to encourage them and give them opportunities to show their work. One grandson designed and completed his first sculpture (with his dad doing the welding) at the age of about six. Another, at the age of seven, created his own design (with Grandpa doing the welding) and did a presentation on sculpture building for his school class. And still another is impatiently waiting for his turn in the shop.

Dan has often said that creating metal sculpture is like a second childhood for him. I guess it’s no wonder the boys enjoy being with him so much. I hope they always stay young enough to be artists!